The Old Coffeepot: Dependable Fuel for MCA Students

The Old Coffeepot has been serving New Orleans for over a hundred years.

Students of Mount Carmel Academy heavily rely on a morning cup of coffee to keep up their energy throughout the day; The Old Coffeepot’s classic Creole-Cajun cuisine provides the same boost in spirits from enjoying original Louisiana soul food dishes in a homey environment. The Old Coffeepot is a restaurant in New Orleans’s French Quarter first established in 1894. The interior provides a vintage, rustic aura to truly enhance the experience.
This restaurant serves a wide variety of foods during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their most famous dishes are their green bean casserole and Creole jambalaya. The Old Coffeepot also offers a variety of salads, po-boys, sandwiches, seafood, and signature Louisiana dishes like red beans and rice and gumbo. The Old Coffeepot’s most recognized dessert is the signature Bread Pudding, made by the one and only “Ms. Pearl,” who has worked at The Old Coffeepot for over fifty years, until her recent retirement. However, she still provides the bread pudding, as her co-worker and customers agree that the recipe would not be the same without her. 
The Old Coffeepot is an affordable restaurant suited for any time of day. Although it was opened over one hundred twenty years ago, The Old Coffeepot has kept up with modern times: on their website, they allow for orders to be placed online and either picked up or delivered. This is perfect for busy students who desperately need a home-cooked meal without having to do the work herself or leave the comfort of her own home. This makes The Old Coffeepot the ideal place to enjoy a proper, classic, Louisiana dish without breaking the bank to afford it.