A Talk From A Bishop: Paul Tighe

Erin Fortier, Editor

Bishop Paul Tighe came to visit the Mount Carmel students earlier this month. He is a part of Pope Francis’ council, and he focuses on how to get religion more involved in social media.

While giving his talk, Bishop Tighe discussed the effects social media has on our generation. He said that we should be careful of the things we post on social media because it affects our future.

He told us a story about a young boy who posted something on the internet, and he was so embarrassed by it when his family and friends came out. He ended up killing himself because of the hatred he was receiving from his post. This shows that you have to be careful about what you post to your social media accounts.

Another topic Tighe talked about was pornography. Although this is an uncomfortable topic for most people, Bishop Tighe wanted to address how pornography decreases the value of humanity.

He said, “Pornorgraphy takes something that is supposed to be special and unitive and changes it into something physical.”

Sexual acts are to be saved for marriage, and pornography takes those acts out of context. Bishop Tighe warned us to not send out sexual pictures of ourselves because once they are sent they can never be deleted.

Bishop Tighe wanted our insight on how he can communicate with our generation regarding the aspects of religion. Tighe understands that his generation does not work with technology like we do. He asked us what are ways that they can put their “product” on the internet for us to see.

Bishop Tighe engaged the girls in making religion more prominent in their life through social media.