MCA bowling goes varsity

Abby Alonzo, Staff Writer

In late January of 2017, the MCA bowling team scored an all-time high. After years of being considered a fun-loving pastime, the team is now officially recognized as a Varsity sport under the LHSAA.

After several members, including Hailey Roberts and Holly Schiler, expressed the idea of bowling becoming a varsity sport to their moderator, Mr. Rachuba proudly went to work. He spoke to countless coaches of other teams to get as much information and feedback as he could about the idea. Once he deemed it to be feasible, he proceeded to get approval from Ms. Simno and Mr. Boudoin and officially labeled MCA bowling as a varsity sport.

Not only was the the status of the team brought to a new height, but so was its intensity.

“The bowling team takes the sport of bowling quite seriously,” said Mr. Rachuba “We wanted to compete, not just as a club for fun, but as athletes. Many other girls’ high schools in the metro area, such as Cabrini, Chapelle, and AOL have formidable varsity bowling teams, and we wanted to compete with them.”

So why has it taken so long for the sport to achieve varsity status? Doesn’t it require just as much athletic skill as any other sport under the varsity category? MCA’s team members along with Mr. Rachuba back up these ideas.

“The team bowls with the understanding that varsity bowling is more than just a fun pastime; bowling is a sport,” Mr. Rachuba said. “As such, the competition is more intense and the rules matter more than ever. But those of us who really care about the sport have stepped up our game.”

The team is ecstatic and proud that it has found its place among the athletic traditions of MCA. The team’s passion for the sport and desire to compete resulted in an honorable promotion. Although bowling differs from sports like basketball and volleyball, the competition can be just as exhilarating, if not more. The game requires players to obtain mental toughness:

“It’s mostly you versus the pins,” Mr. Rachuba said. “Bowling is a sport that requires strength, dexterity, precision, and a growth mindset. Your true competition is the score of your last game. Every time one of our bowlers tops her last average, she has improved as an athlete.”

Because the level of intensity has increased, the mindset and intensity of each player has been challenged.

“The decision to bowl as a varsity team has tested the skills and the determination of our athletes. To be able to compete and to be taken seriously as athletes is something that the team has wanted for quite some time now; hopefully, our senior members can graduate with the knowledge of the impact they made on the school,” Mr. Rachuba said. “And hopefully, our sophomore members will carry that spirit of competition into the next school year and we will share in the same thrill of victory as other MCA teams.”

The team will continue to SPARE no effort to  STRIKE down other opponents. Be sure to keep up with its success by checking for updates via