OPINION: Thank a yearbook member

Brittney Giardina, Editor-in-chief

We all await the day when we receive our beloved yearbooks. We can’t wait to flip through the pages in an attempt to find ourselves and relive some memories.

We groan through the panel pages where we find our school photo that we hate and have hated since we got our school ID’s. Or we experience that state of euphoria when we see our face on the Spirit Day page and we somehow look inexplicably serene and poised in that sea of madness, screaming, and possible vomiting.

However, we also tend to get mad when the yearbook does something wrong–our names are misspelled or there is some design decision that we would never have chosen if we were on the yearbook staff. We can’t understand why our picture doesn’t show up as frequently as other people’s.

The criticisms can go on and on.

And I know that it can be frustrating when you aren’t fully represented. Or when you find an unflattering picture of yourself.

But all criticisms aside, we can’t ignore the amount of work and time and effort that Sardonyx puts into to making the day your yearbook comes in a special one. It is an unenviable task to compile the historical record of the school year that must reflect the shared experiences of 1,200 people.

Just imagine designing and creating pages of memories and waiting endlessly until the day comes when they are shipped in. What it would be like to hold something that you created for the very first time.

As we flip through the pages of our recently-delivered 2015-16 yearbooks, I hope that we all work to add another feeling to that experience: gratitude.

I want you, as a student of Mount Carmel, to know that a person created the page that your club, your face, your name is on. A person, a fellow student.

So, when you see a Sardonyx member, thank her for that.