MCA students get Royal Treatment

Erin Fortier, Editor

Note: Were you royalty for a Mardi Gras krewe or for another New Orleans area parade group this year but are not in this story? Send your info to [email protected] so we can feature you too.


“Hey Mister” is a common phrase you will hear while walking the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras holds a rich tradition in our beloved city, but there is more to Mardi Gras than the flashing lights, marching bands, and decorative floats: There is also Mardi Gras royalty.

One student part of this royalty is Senior Butterfly, Megan Walters. In order to get to be a maid Walters said, “I have been on a waiting list since I was two to guarantee my spot on the royal court for 2017.”

In order to be prepared for Mardi Gras season, you have to start shopping the summer before for dresses and such. Being royal might look pretty, but you also have to talk to many important people, take pictures with people, and attend many events.

Some of these events that are included in the royalty life are many court luncheons, the Coronation ball, den party, and queen’s party. For Endymion in particular, you have to ride in the parade and attend the Extravaganza.

Becoming a part of the royal court is not easy. Walters said, “you have to know someone or have a family member who is an active member in the parade.”

Although there is a rich tradition in being Mardi Gras royalty, many girls just feel amazing about themselves while on the royal court.

Walters said, “Being a maid makes me unbelievably happy. I am so excited for everything I have coming up. I cannot put into words how appreciative I am to have this opportunity.”

And in New Orleans, the parades don’t stop once Ash Wednesday rolls around. Aubrie St. Germain is another student at Mount Carmel who has experience what it is like to be parade royalty.

Germain is Queen of the 2017 St. Joseph’s Day Parade. Aubrie has been a maid since she was 6 and her family is very involved with the organization: Her mom served as a maid when she was a teenager, her dad has been a member for 35 years and is a current board member, and her grandfather is a charter member, was once president, and is now a board member as well.

“It is really cool to represent a large group of people, especially in my case since it’s a group of people who are from the same background,” said St. Germain. “Also, the little girls that do the parade look up to you so it is really amazing to be in that kind of position.”