Squeaky Clean: Soap Making for a Charity


Czarlyn Trinidad , Staff Member

Combining both the drive to create beauty and the drive to preserve beauty, National Art Honor Society and EcoCubs have collaborated to help make soap for charity.

This project came about when Mr. Stevens, one of the moderators of EcoCubs, and Ms. Gillane, the moderator of NAHS started discussing the issue of sustainable palm oil:

“What started as a conversation about sustainable palm oil led to two seemingly unrelated clubs getting together to have fun and to learn how to make homemade soap,” Mr. Stevens says.

Palm oil is used in many soaps and countless other products such as margarine, chocolate, and lipstick. The issue with palm oil is the constant deforestation needed to harvest it, wiping out ecosystems within tropical rainforests. Sustainable palm oil is ethically harvested without deforestation.

Because palm oil is used many soaps, along with raising money for charity, this project also aims to bring about awareness of the ongoing issue of unsustainable palm oil.

“The soap making experience so far has been more informative than I would have imagined. We all had a lot of fun learning about the extensive process of soap making. The purpose of the project is to teach the girls in both clubs about the dangers of acquiring palm oil, an ingredient that is very common in most soaps. Plus the soaps and bath salts that we’re making smell really good,” NAHS member Brittney Giardina says.

The proceeds will be split up in half with each going to a local non-profit organization: The Harry Thompson Center and the Gulf Restoration Network.


Along with soap, both clubs also collabed to make bath salts. Both the bath salts and soap will be sold at Brown Linen Night on April 25.