Toga Party: LNHS’s Return to the LJCL Convention

Czarlyn Trinidad , Staff Member

For the first time in three years, MCA’s Latin National Honor Society is attending the Louisiana Junior Classical League convention which will take place on March 10-12. LJCL is a chapter of the National Junior Classical League whose goals is to instill an appreciation of the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome into high school students.

The convention features competitions that are intellectually, physically, and artistically stimulating. Students are required to compete in at least five events; three of these events have to be academic tests. Students can supplement those by joining art contests or by signing up for events in the Olympika, which pays tribute to the ancient days of the Olympics.

The convention also features non-competitive events such as the banquet and dances which focus on exciting the students and creating an environment of camaraderie and revelry.

LNHS is looking forward to participating in convention and all the experiences that come along with it

“As an officer of LNHS, I’m most excited about bringing our club back to the academic competition of a high standard that is also going to be mixed with times of fun. It will be a unique experience, and I couldn’t be happier to share this once in a lifetime experience with the select members of LNHS,” senior officer Lauren Bodino says. “I’m also really excited to build a catapult for the catapult contest.”

“I’m excited to see the catapult that my students will be building,” says LNHS moderator Mr. Roussel. “Even if we don’t win anything, the fact that we’re returning is enough. But as Virgil would say, ‘Audentes fortuna iuvat. / Fortune favors the bold.’”