Women’s March: It’s Not What You Think

Brittney Giardina, Editor-in-chief

An Editorial and Opinion Piece

Even Though Mount Carmel Academy is an all-girl school, many of the students are unaware of issues concerning women–issues that go way beyond pro-choice and pro-life.

Since most on campus tend to lean to the right and are pro-life, many may think that feminism goes against their political views. But feminism is something that everyone can embrace–or more accurately, should embrace.

It is commonly said to seniors that we live in a bubble and that college will be an immense wake up call. We will suddenly walk out into the world as a college student and have real life smack us in the face.

But, what people don’t already know is that we teenagers have already been smacked–just over time to the point where we didn’t even register the pain.

Social media has made us aware of so many issues and has desensitized us to “the real world.”

However, Mount Carmel still holds some of its “bubble-like” qualities; there are a lot of students who see feminism as a dirty thing instead of an empowering one. You would think that in a place with over 1,000 women, women’s rights would be at the center of discussion. But, it’s not.

Sure, there are many pockets of people who debate and discuss, but for the most part there is an overarching disapproval when it come to anything feministic–in part by a lack of knowledge for what the term actually means. So, when the women’s march approached this past weekend, many were unaware of what the people were marching for.

On Friday January 21, 2017, millions of women across the globe marched peacefully in order to raise awareness for those who are marginalized–women, the LGBTQ community, black people, brown people, native people, disabled people.

This was a march against all inequalities; a march for people’s rights.

It was not a march that “angry, liberal feminists” used in order to just ridicule the recently inaugurated president. Yes, there were signs aimed at Trump, but that is only because they feel that he is an endangerment to their end goal of equality.

Whether that is your opinion or not, he’s the president. He is unfavored and will be protested. And he is favored and celebrated by some as well.

But that is not what the march is about.

It is a march for men and women of all ages who want to walk for human rights.

It is really that simple.

Feminism is just the equality of the sexes. That is it. If you believe that men and women should have the same opportunities, then you are a feminist. Ignore the connotations. Ignore what you think feminists believe. Ignore your preconceived notions about this movement.

Feminists want equality and so did the marchers. Let’s try and make that happen.