Hailey Roberts: Creator of Smiles

Brittney Giardina, Co-editor-in-chief

Echoes Of Carmel is looking ahead and seeing what our senior’s futures look like.

For many of us, the dentist is synonymous with dread and anxiety, but for senior Hailey Roberts, she welcomes the profession with open arms.

Hailey’s choice of dentistry as a career is anything but impromptu. She has actually been shadowing her own dentist since this past summer.

“He offered [the internship] to me because I always talked about becoming a dentist with him, and he told me once I was old enough I could come intern for him,” said Hailey.

And this doesn’t just mean that she observes her dentist do all of the work. Roberts had the chance to get some hands-on practice.

“Once he gave me the internship he actually taught me how to do a filling and a root canal,” said Roberts. “They have a jar of teeth that they pull from, and he would pull one out, and I would do fillings and root canals on them.”

A seventeen-year-old doing work on teeth is pretty unique to say the least. And so is an interest in becoming a dentist.

“Whenever I went to the dentist, my dentist was always so personable and very open to talk to. He always had a smile on his face. So seeing him kind of made me want to become a dentist,” said Roberts.  

But seeing someone in the profession first-hand isn’t the only reason she wants to fix teeth.

“The reason I want to become a dentist is because when people are confident in their smiles, they are confident in themselves,” said Roberts. “I want to make people happy with themselves, and once you can get someone to smile they smile more often.”

This sort of selfless thinking will make Hailey a great addition to LSU, which is where she wants to get her undergraduate degree.

“LSU has a college of science, and once you graduate you four years of school you go into dental school,” she said.

After dental school, Hailey has some career plans.

“I want to work in Doctor Cossich’s office because that’s who gave me the internship,” said Hailey. “Then after a few years maybe open up my own.”

And when that happens, the world will have a few more smiles.