To Canada and Beyond: An Opinion on Fleeing America

Brittney Giardina, Co-editor-in-chief

In the aftermath of the presidential election, tensions grow high and emotions run wild. Jokes about moving to Canada are now becoming plans, and those who were nervous before are now scared. So let’s take a moment to indulge those who are currently dusting off their passports.

Its very cold in Canada; so your wardrobe is going to need a bit of a makeover. You should probably pack some long sleeve shirts and winter jackets. You also might want to pack some fashion boots and winter boots: these are two very different things in Canada.

See, fashion boots are for indoor winter wear and winter boots are for outdoor winter wear. The two mustn’t be mixed up; the fate of your feet could depend upon it.

Another good thing to take into account is the fact that they have different currency up there. It might be a good idea to get some Canadian dollars before your trip.

And you also want to start preparing yourself for the food: just so you know, Canadian bacon is essentially ham. Excitingly enough, Canada has some super cool dishes that are similar to some American favorites.

Like the Montreal smoked meat sandwich, which is very similar to a pastrami sandwich. Or the Montreal-style bagel, which is smaller in size and sweeter in taste than our bagels here in America.

They also have some things that are very unique to the country itself. Like the Nanaimo bar, which usually contains vanilla custard, crushed cookies, and chocolate ganache. Or the bannock, which is a round, flat griddled piece of bread.

You can also look forward to things like hockey, the beautiful landscapes, the kind people, and of course, Justin Trudeau.

But just like how we can point out all of the great things about Canada, Canada has taken the time to point out all of the great things about ourselves.

“Tell America It’s Great” is a social media campaign that was started before the election in order to give America a little self-esteem boost in such trying times.

They compiled a video that lets us know what we should be proud of our fine nation. According to our friends up north, we are a very giving country, our national park system is quite amazing, our social activism is notable, and we provide some great music. (Ironic considering the biggest teen pop star of 2012 came from Canada)

But all joking aside, our allies make a good point. We do have some redeeming qualities that shouldn’t be overlooked. So, before you pack your winter clothes, acquire some Canadian dollars, and look forward to eating some unique bacon, stop and think. Maybe staying and fighting is a better option.