Mascots Speak About Spirit Week

Emily Schexnayder, Staff Member

Spirit Day has been a tradition at Mount Carmel for a very long time. While students got to see the results of all the practice and hard work, they might not be aware of what the work was like for the students in the spotlight, the class mascots.

Swinging their way out, the Seniors dressed up as flappers. Mascot Shelby Villarrubia said that the practices were more stressful than she expected, but that she put herself in a position to succeed.

“I’m so happy I finished early and didn’t have to rush when Spirit Day came,” she said.

Mrs. Richard, senior co-moderator, said, “Shelby’s creativity and work ethics are really impressive. She is really committed to serving her class and helping the board give the seniors a great spirit day.”

The Juniors decided to join in the carnival fun and dress up as parade riders. Junior mascot Renee Simon said that when she started preparing for Spirit Day, the cheers were very difficult to come up with, but then inspiration hit.

“About mid-July is when the cheers started coming to me,” said Simon, “and writing them became a lot easier and more fun. The challenge wasn’t writing the cheers but just starting the process of it.

Junior moderator Mrs. Gerrets had high praise for her mascot.

“Renee has worked very hard to ensure that this spirit day is a huge success for the Panthers of 2018,” Mrs. Gerrets said. “Her costume is smokin’ hot, and I think that the girls are going to love the Mardi Gras style cheers that Renee has worked on creating.”

The Sophomores showed their love for our great time by dressing up as patriotic soldiers. Mascot Juliana Gomez said that the spirit stick that earned the appearance at spirit day was not her first attempt.

“I did not expect my spirit stick to be hard to make, but it took so long and so much planning,” she said. “I think I made about three spirit sticks before I really liked it.”

Gomez’s preparation wasn’t limited to her spirit stick.

“The Sophomore class mascot has been amazing,” said sophomore moderator Mrs. Peavey. “She has been really prepared by having all cheers and videos done well before Spirit Day practices even started.”

The Freshmen dressed up as the four seasons: summer, winter, fall, and spring. They heated up the gym and cooled down competition, but for mascot Madison Courrege, the process leading up to Spirit Day was just as rewarding.

“I love going to Board meetings and help Board and become closer with the people I’m working with,” she said. “We always have loads of fun and get lots of work done.”

Eighth graders brought the magic of Disney World to MCA. They were very excited since this was their first spirit day experience where they made many lasting memories. Most said that they had never experienced anything like this before. Like Courrege, eighth grade mascot Lindsey Battaglia saw the experience as one of personal growth.