OPINION: It’s time for a government of the people

Brittney Giardina, Co-editor-in-chief

As the inauguration comes full speed ahead, tensions run high, opinions run rampant, and memes become the greatest coping mechanism. The current political climate is a unique one, to say the least. People either have high hopes, low expectations, or don’t know what to think.

Due to our two party system, we have two of the most controversial candidates running for the presidency: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Now, I think it’s safe to say, that across the board both of these candidate have been shown in a unflattering light. One is seen as a pathological liar, while the other is depicted as a racist misogynist.

Despite the fact that there are 3rd party options, we all know that one of the two major party candidates will most likely be president.

Whether that excites you and causes you to jump up and down with joy or makes you want to crawl under your bed, sob for a little bit, and then buy the first ticket out of here to Canada (Justin Trudeau, am I right?) this is our future. It’s going to happen.

But on a more serious note, this election is a sign of the divide within America. Now, I am not here to tell you that we need to pull together, sit around a campfire braiding each other’s hair and singing kumbaya. All I am saying is that this election is very telling. It shows how America is not a homogenous culture. It shows how people would rather make fun of the presidential candidate than pick one. And it certainly shows the lack of political efficacy.

I mean what does it say about our current state of affairs that the two people closest to the oval office seem to have the candidate appeal equivalent to a burnt piece of toast?

This is our America. Whether that excites you or makes you want to crawl under your bed, it’s our America.

So now what?

We are teenagers. Some of us will be voting in this election, all of us in the next election. What needs to happen in order for us to look at America and not want to make a meme out of it?

We need people to start actively participating in politics. Whether that be through voting, petitioning, or simply keeping up with the news, citizens have to understand that their voices matter and if they don’t force their voices to be heard, then they never will be.

I feel that if people start pushing their own well-informed agendas shaped in the teachings of Christ instead of hopelessly waiting for some politician to push one that is close to their own, then we will start to see better, more informed, and more favorable candidates.

We will start to see an America that is for the people and by the people, instead of an America that is simply ridiculed by the people.