The Music, the Thrill, The Experience: Behind the Scenes with Gracie Glorioso


This is Gracie standing next to Van McCann, one of her favorite artists.

Brittney Giardina, Co-editor-in-chief

Echoes Of Carmel is looking ahead and seeing what our senior’s futures look like.

Going to a concert, listening to a band on repeat, waiting endlessly for a new album to come out *cough Frank Ocean cough* are just a few things that Gracie Glorioso wants to base her future off of.

Gracie plans to study Film and Music Management, specifically the music aspect, at Loyola University here in New Orleans. This prepares students for all kinds of “behind the scenes” work.

“It’s like all of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on with music in general. For concerts you have lighting and sound. And then there is production, management, sales. Basically, everything you don’t see,” said Gracie

Many may attribute a passion for music to playing a musical instrument or being able to sing. However, Gracie’s interest in music shows the other side of the art: the passionate appreciation of the craft.

Gracie explained, “I like the way music can affect your emotion and how you feel when you hear your favorite song and I like the way music makes you have goosebumps.”

Glorioso also touched on her consistent interest in music.

“I tried a whole bunch of different interests in high school. I tried soccer, archery, writing– and music was the only thing that is constant, and I can’t see myself doing anything else,” said Gracie.

Gracie’s favorite genre is Alternative Rock and some of her favorite bands include Catfish and the Bottlemen, Haim, 2 Door Cinema Club, the 1975, and Wolf Alice. She also enjoys going to concerts.

“I like going to concerts because I like being in a group, in union with everyone at the concert because we are all there for the music and you don’t get to experience that anywhere else. And I like meeting people, making friends, and having a lot of fun,” explained Gracie

As a music manager Glorioso hopes to carry this experience to others.

“I want to make other people as happy as I am with music, I want them to be able to go a concert and have a nice time overall.”

Even though this career isn’t very common and not many colleges offer a major in it, this is a career that affects everyone – even those who are listening to the radio on their morning commute.