Politics: This Is Our Future

Czarlyn Ria Trinidad , Staff Member

Imagine overhearing two adults talking about the latest political news. You try to voice your opinion but are immediately shut down. “You’re too young to know what you’re talking about,” they say. “This is adult stuff.”

Ah, yes “adult stuff.” As if the decisions lawmakers make now don’t affect our future, the long life that we have ahead of us.

Wanting to share your voice, you may feel stuck. If you’re watching this year’s election and feeling powerless, as if what you think doesn’t matter just because of your youth, don’t be. Just because you’re not considered an adult doesn’t mean that your voice is powerless. There are other means of getting involved in the political process besides voting.

One way of getting your voice heard is by attending demonstrations such as marches and rallies. You may be familiar with marches because Mount Carmel attends the March for Life every year.

Marches and rallies are held by groups of people with a common goal: to persuade those in power to listen to their demands. Recent demonstrations include the Occupy Wall Street movement (which protested income inequality) and the Black Lives Matter movement (which calls for action against racial injustice in the legal system).

Another way that you can voice your opinion is by signing petitions. Thanks to the access of the internet, you can sign petitions on petitions.whitehouse.gov with ease. If the petition you sign reaches 100,000 signatures within 30 days, then the White House is obligated to address it.

If you know who you’d vote for in this upcoming election but are unable to due to age, you can still contribute. Making monetary contributions to the candidate helps with their campaign. You can also the candidate of your choice by phone-banking. Phone-banking involves calling local people and trying to persuade them on why they should chose the candidate you’re advocating for.

Politics aren’t just for adults. The fact that you can’t legally vote shouldn’t bar you from being active in the political sphere. If you want to be heard, attend a demonstration, sign a petition, or even phone-bank. You CAN make a difference even at a young age.