The Whole Ordeal: Baylee Robertson, Makeup, Directing, and Theatre

The Whole Ordeal: Baylee Robertson, Makeup, Directing, and Theatre

Brittney Giardina, Co-editor-in-chief

To many, the arts is seen as a place where ramen is a staple and financial stability goes to die. However, to senior Baylee Robertson, the arts is her home, her way of life, her dream.

After her time at Mount Carmel, Baylee wants to major in Timg_4307echnical Theatre.

“Technical Theatre is the aspects of a show that you don’t necessarily see like lighting, sound, and directing. Everything that makes the show happen besides the actors. The nitty, gritty technical aspects,” Robertson said.

Since this is a pretty broad major, Robertson has narrowed down which aspects she would like to pursue.

“When you major in technical theater, depending on what degree you get, you can major and then choose to emphasize,” she said. “So I would major in Technical Theatre with an emphasis in directing and hair and makeup.”

Baylee became interested in theatre during her freshman year of high school.

“During my freshman year, I was having a rough time, and I decided that I needed to get involved to get out of my head a little bit, if that makes sense. And I knew I liked to do hair and makeup so I decided to joined STK. I realized I was talented at something, so I just sort of stuck with the whole ordeal,” said Robertson

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-26-24-pmHer specific interest in hair and makeup, however, started much earlier.

“Since I was like little, I always would watch my mom get ready and try and do what she was doing,” Robertson said. “And I kind of just liked the idea of enhancing what you already have, and it was an art form and a way to express myself. But I never saw it as career wise or for money until I got to high school.”

Even though her passion for hair and makeup began at an earlier age, Baylee expresses an equal interest in directing as well.

“I love to watch a show come to life, and it’s crazy thinking that as a director you control how you interpret a script. I like that freedom a lot,” she said.

img_4309In the pursuit of a college degree, Baylee is looking heavily into the University of Loyola New Orleans and the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, or SAIC. For many of us, Chicago might as well be a different country, but for Baylee, it is a place where she can fully hone her art skills.

“SAIC is really awesome and is very focused on the arts and the city is full of a lot of arts as well.” said Baylee.

Go see STK’s upcoming performance of The Crucible to see Baylee in action. She will be assisting directing and designing hair and makeup.