A Stream Dream Machine: Arts in Education Week

A Stream Dream Machine: Arts in Education Week

Brittney Giardina, Co-editor-in-chief

There you are daydreaming in class, and you notice it. This peculiar mini canvas pinned to your teacher’s shirt. And you wonder, “What have I done to be worthy of viewing such a masterpiece?”

Well, you can thank the Art Department here at MCA for gracing your vision during Arts in Education Week last week. NAHS worked very hard to make the pins while STK pioneered the “Be the Solution” contest, and they both worked together to create the waterbottle stream in Duplantis Gym.

“It makes me feel very good inside to see the bright smiles and happiness coming from the teachers who received my pins,” said NAHS President Imogen Hoffman.

She wasn’t wrong when she said that teachers were happy about thscreen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-16-11-pme pins.

“I like the color of my pin; it is a beautiful yellow,” said Mrs. Guidry. “The design is really well done. It complements everything. Mrs. Mickal said it looks like sunshine. It really brightens my spirits.” 

And she wasn’t the only teacher who loved the pins.

“I love that the pins are mini-canvases — it really makes the pins tiny pieces of art,” said Mrs. Jaunet. “It’s amazing that each one truly is unique; there’s something different about each one.”

The NAHS members who created the pins really enjoyed the idea of making a work of art that a teacher would wear and many of them really valued the experience of making the pins.

“The experience was a fun bonding time for the NAHS members,” said Ashley Messina. “We all had fun with splattering random colors onto canvases, and we laughed when some of the pins didn’t come out quite the way we wanted them to.”

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-17-24-pmEmily Kleefisch, another member, said, “My favorite thing about the pins is how each one is different, you cannot find one that looks identical to another”

The idea behind the abstract pins was that they should look ethereal and dream-like to go along with the Stream Dream theme.

“So we as a school are trying to get our STEM certification, but we at MCA are going to include arts and religion so it would be STREAM,” said Mrs. Simmons-Carroll. “We wanted to find a way to include that goal into our Arts in Education weeks. So since stream is water, a stream of conscience, we came up with a challenge of solving the local water wetlands issue.”

That led to the many announcements about bringing your water bottles to Duplantis and participating in the “Be the Solution” contest.

The winner of the Be the Solution was sophomore Caroline Bonin. Her idea was quite innovative won her very own Kendra Scott necklace.  

“I created a park where people can go and plant their own trees anywhere on the park, and once the trees are grown they will be cut down and used as a biodegradable barrier to prevent soil erosion,“ said Bonin.

However this wasn’t her first idea.

“I had first had another idea where I could use cans that were empty and melt them down and use those as a barrier but they weren’t biodegradable, so that’s when I realized I could use trees as my barrier,” she said.

Overall, this year’s Arts in Education Week was a success, and the moderators of NAHS and STK will back this up.

“I definitely think this was our best year of Arts in Ed Week yet.” said Ms. Gillane  “This year we decided to get the school more involved with the collaborative art project that took place in Duplantis Gym and having the ‘Be the Solution’ contest and thus, it became a bigger part of the school community than with just the teachers.”screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-32-27-pm

Mrs. Jacobs Stanley added, “I think it went really well. I think it’s great to see all of the teachers wearing their pins and all of the students working on the art project and trying to come up with creative solutions”

Mrs. Jacobs Stanley also stressed the fact that the attention the arts get should extend past this one week.

“It is important to remember the benefits of the arts throughout the year and not just one week,” she said. “We have a very strong Fine arts department here at MCA, there is the theater, art, and music departments, and every student should come check out events when they are happening.”

The power of the arts is also a very important aspect of the week.

“[The Fine Arts teachers] really believe in the power of what we do every day and to have others support that is really meaningful,” expressed Mrs. Gillane

If you want to view the pins search #STREAMdream on facebook or instagram to see more pictures of teachers wearing their pins.