Club Fair: why go?

Club Fair: why go?

Julia Farrell , Co-editor-in-chief

Mount Carmel held its annual fall Club Fair Tuesday, August 23rd, in the Assembly Center.  You know what that means… time for Mrs. Buras to tell you all about how Mount Carmel has more than 50 clubs for students to join.  She even clues you in on the sad truth that some alumnae say their biggest regret is not joining and participating in clubs during their time at MCA.

There are various perspectives of those who attend the Club Fair.  The majority of participants are incoming eighth and ninth graders who want to get involved in their new school.  

“Although club fair was extremely crowded, it was a good experience,” said 8th grader Annelise Meyaski.

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Then, there are those juniors and seniors who possibly have the thought of college applications lingering in the back, or even front, of their mind.  

“I attended club fair because I want to get more involved before I graduate,” said senior Marin Ruckman.

Another senior, Claudia Trosclair, also related to some participants when she jokingly said, “I went because there was candy.”

No matter the reason for attending, the club fair had an impressive turnout.  Students should look for announcements regarding upcoming meetings for their new clubs and check Canvas for any invitations to join their club’s Canvas account.