Back to Brown: maybe school isn’t so bad after all


Erin Fortier , Editor

It’s time to pack away our beach toys and flip flops and dust off our brown skirts and saddle oxfords. During this school year, MCA will have the time of their lives.

The seniors are going to go out swinging during their last year at Mount Carmel. Senior Lindsey Sellars shared her thoughts on senior year.

“I’m excited to receive my senior ring and sweater because I will finally feel like a senior,” she said.

The juniors are letting the good times roll as they show their Panther pride. The sophomores are saluting the red, white, and blue during their first year as ragdolls. The freshmen are celebrating the four seasons as they start their second year at Mount Carmel. The eighth grade are having the time of their lives in DisneScreen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.47.10 PMy as they start their new journey at MCA.

Everyone is excited about what the new year will bring. The teachers are ready to explore their subject matter with a new set of students.

“The world of education is changing quickly, and we have to change as well,” said Mr. Geoffrey Philabaum, who is moving into an administrative role this year. “We can’t just memorize content and be successful; we must be creators, innovators, and agents of change.  Our job as teachers is to help you along with this process, and we are looking forward to the challenge.”  

Starting in the fall, we have volleyball, cross country, and swim teams competitions to look forward to.  We can represent the Cub Nation by supporting our teams so they feel that they are winning for all of us and not just themselves. You can stop by the Assembly Center to watch our volleyball team take the court. You can head to UNO Aquatic Center to watch our swim team dominate the pool. Swimmer, Kaylin Swoboda, said,

“I can’t wait to get competitive with some of the best swimmers in the state,” said swimmer Kaylin Swoboda.

You may even want to head over to City Park to watch our cross country team have the race of their life. All these sports teams are excited about their seasons, and they are ready to have the time of their lives.

We can all look forward to the competitions we have school-wide that occur throughout the year. The last week in September we have Spirit Day.  Who’s ready to stand in the middle of Duplantis Gym and cheer as loudly as they can for ten minutes straight? Gym Day is another exciting event to get pumped about. Who doesn’t like to sit in the Assembly Center as straight as a board for four hours?

This year is full of dances too. The seniors have their Ring Dance where they can show off their new senior bling. Sadly, they also have their last winter formal and prom. The juniors have their first prom, and the freshmen have their first Mount CarmScreen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.45.34 PMel dance ever.

This year we have much to look forward, so don’t get bummed out that summer is over. Days of tanning may come to an end but days of opportunities and fun await us. Welcome Back, and let’s have the time of our lives!