Mount Carmel’s Spirituality: there is more to it than you think


Kelli Banta, Editor

The Carmelite spirit is filled throughout the halls of MCA all year long. MCA offers many experiences to keep that spirit alive. The moment you step foot in the halls, you automatically feel the spirituality in the air.  From the statue of Our Lady in the front horseshoe, to the statue in the hallway, she fills our school with her zealous love and mantel of blue. Not only is the air of MCA filled with spirit, so are the many organizations.

With 40 different clubs centered with Jesus, it is hard to ignore His presence. Two specific clubs whose focus is God and the goodness of His creation are Teens for Lyfe and Campus Ministry. As Vice President of TFL, I am constantly growing in my faith and as a leader of an enormous club.

Katie Richard is the president of TFL, and she gives her stance on what TFL gives to our fellow classmates.

“Our club is more than saying no to abortion. It is the focus of being your true self in a pure and modest way,” said Richard.

Being a member of such a large club seems overwhelming; however, being a part of a large club gives you the opportunity to build more relationships around Christ.

Another club focused on the impact of God is Campus Ministry. Campus Ministry is a strong and powerful club that builds the spirit and powers the love of God throughout others. They offer rosaries every other Tuesday at the Grotto.

Jenna Cavalero, president states the meaning behind Campus Ministry: “The club is more than praying the rosary,” said club president Jenna Cavalero. “It is a way to build your relationship with God stronger and to create an unbreakable bond centered around Christ.”

Campus Ministry is a great club to build your relationship with God throughout your years at MCA. Being a part of this club will only allow you to go up in the relationship with Him. Through Campus Ministry, you will learn to create Joy within others.

From weekly masses to Come, Lord Jesus every other week, there isn’t a day that goes by that He is not recognized. Every week on Thursday’s, school offers Mass in the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary for those who wish to give up a part of their IS and lunch for the Lord. The chapel is always filled every week with girls praising God for the blessings He gives us each and every day.

Every other week we are given the opportunity to spend 45 minutes talking about God with our classmates. This communication is known as Come, Lord Jesus. This experience is a great chance to bring your faith out among your sisters at MCA. The faith is there, it lies in the halls you just have to be open to God and to others.