New Student Orientation and Cub Connection: easing the pain one 8th grader at a time


Brittney Giardina, Co-editor-in-chief

For many, the transition from middle to high school can be a confusing time. On one hand, you are excited about the new possibilities ahead. On the other, you are deathly afraid of the impending doom that is high school. In spite of this dreadful transition, Mount Carmel is there to ease that pain by hosting events such as New Student Orientation and Cub Connection.

As the upperclassmen know, Cub Connection is a fairly new experience for incoming students. The summer event aims to get new Cubs familiar with the school and the technology while also making friends along the way. Eighth grader Mae Mae Corcoran can attest to that.

“Cub Connection helped a lot because I know the school now, I know where to go, and I met a lot more people and it feels like home,” said eighth grader Mae Mae Corcoran. “I’m not nervous at all.”

However, with this program readily available to them, is New Student Orientation necessary? According to 8th grader Madison Leze, it is.

“Today helped me meet my teachers and make me feel more comfortable,” said Leze.Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.45.59 PM

She wasn’t alone in this opinion. Many other incoming 8th graders who attended both Cub Connection and New Student Orientation felt that orientation helped them become familiar with their teachers and more acclimated to the school.

“At Cub Connection I didn’t really get to meet my teachers, and today I found out where my classrooms were,” said Hailey Allen.

Some even liked New Student Orientation better than Cub Connection.

“Today was better, because I now know my way around a lot more,” said Hannah Seringe. “At Cub Connection I got lost every single day.”

Danna Masri, another incoming 8th grader, put the main difference between Cub Connection and New Student Orientation in her own words.

“I feel like at Cub Connection it was like your own little world, and then coming to Mount Carmel now is like everyone’s little worlds coming together, and it’s so fun,” said Masri.

When asked why today was special to her, Masri replied, “I feel like Mount Carmel is such an open community, and all the upperclassmen are in the hallway waving and asking me how my day was going, and it makes me feel so welcome here.”  Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.18.37 PM